We traveled across the country, meeting everyday people rewriting the rules of success with a little help from SNHU.
We're driving across the country, meeting everyday people rewriting the rules of success with a little help from We're driving across the country, meeting everyday people rewriting the rules of success with a little help from
Notes from the road

Looking at Success with Timothy Sawyer

Timothy Sawyer lives in Erlanger, Ky., but needed a school that would work with his travel-heavy job. He did extensive research and was pleased to find Southern New Hampshire University.  “I could not be successful in my education with the traditional classroom model,” Timothy said. The flexibility of SNHU’s fully online programs of study meshed perfectly with Timothy’s requirements.

UnknownNaturally, the reasons for pursuing higher education differ drastically from person to person. Timothy made the decision to pursue his degree for “personal enrichment” and as an opportunity to further his technology career. “Even though I had a strong technical background when I started at SNHU, I was still lacking some of the periphery skills that would make me successful in my career path,” Timothy explained. “I’ve learned a lot besides technology at SNHU. I think that my classes in subjects such as accounting, world literature and marketing have helped me in the long run to be a more rounded person.”

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Melissa Finds Confidence in Her Communications Program

Melissa McHugh, a resident of Bothell, Wash., decided to return to school when she found herself in a stagnant job with limited growth potential. “When my department was restructured, I was demoted,” she explained. “That was the exact moment that I realized how crucial it was for me to have a degree.”

When Melissa began looking for a degree program, she knew one thing: she wanted to write, but did not want to study English. The BA in Communications-Professional Writing fit her needs. “I felt that the classes fell in line perfectly with my current experience and future career goals,” she said.

100_1494Not only have Melissa’s educational pursuits increased her skill set, but also her belief in herself. “Having dropped out of school at a very early age and having a baby at fifteen, I wasn’t very confident,” she said. “However, since enrolling my confidence in my abilities–academically and professionally–has gone up.”
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Brooke Bonds with Her Boys Through Education

Brooke Nguyen is a BS in Business Administration and Organizational Leadership student from Bedford, N.H., pursuing her degree online. “I am a busy wife, mom, blogger and have a full time career,” she explained. “I needed a school that was flexible and offered programs that I felt would help me succeed in my career.  I have a unique and diverse background and many of the other online programs other schools offered, just didn’t ‘fit’ into what I was looking for when perusing my degree.”
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Ahmed Kaifi Talks Late Nights, Success and Letting the President Win at Racquet Ball

Ahmed Kaifi from Saudi Arabia decided to study with SNHU On Campus after talking with many of his friends who raved about the university. ”I had so many weeks that I had to stay in the library until 11 or 12 at night, but after graduating, after seeing the outcome, I think it’s worth it,” he said. Ahmed received his MS in Operations and Project Management in May 2013 and shared his story with us after walking across the stage at graduation.

P.S. In the video, Ahmed recalls a time when SNHU President Paul LeBlanc made an appearance at the racquet ball courts and played with him.

Finding the Write Fit for Graduate School

We recently came across a terrific blog post by Angela Carter, who wrote about her experience as an online student pursuing her master’s degree in English and creative writing with a focus in nonfiction. She was kind in allowing us to share her story.

P14Angela knew she wanted to pursue her master’s degree, but when she found that she’d have to wait months before being able to start at a local university, she began to reevaluate how she would reach her goals. Then, Southern New Hampshire University came on to her radar.

“I had my doubts about doing my master’s 100-percent online. I didn’t think that an online degree held as much weight as a brick-and-mortar degree, and I worried that I was taking the easy way out,” she wrote.

Now her doubts are gone, and Angela wrote that she doesn’t feel shortchanged at all. She prefers the module overviews to recorded lectures, and enjoys the professors’ participation in discussion boards.
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Regina Ford Pursues Her Passion for Justice Studies in Missouri

“My education is allowing me the opportunity to be not only successful, but a contributor to society by helping others in a time of crisis.  I’m only 5’ 7” tall, but my education allows me to walk just a little bit taller,” said Regina Metcalf Ford, a 2011 graduate of the online BA in Business Studies with concentration in Organizational Leadership program.

Regina worked in business her whole life, so an undergraduate degree in the field made sense.  In fact, she recently started her own mobile bartending and mixologist business called Jiggers and Shakers, LLC, which “provides bartenders for weddings, private parties, corporate events, etc.” However, she said her true passion lies in the courtroom, saying that she is the one person who gets excited about jury duty.
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Andrea Anders Succeeds with Faculty Support

Andrea Anders came to Manchester, N.H. from her home in Texas to walk across the stage at graduation in May. Her professors in the business administration program were extremely helpful in getting her to that moment, and Andrea said she was able to do it all while working full-time. “I have a husband and a house to take care of, and online classes were perfect for me,” she said.

Acclimating to Education in Memphis, Tenn.

Erika Ewen built a successful accounting career through on-the-job training that began when she joined her family’s auto-parts business after graduating with her bachelor’s degree. The company used the green ledger, so she learned accounting the hard way, she said.  Erika later saw room for advancement in her career and decided to pursue her master’s degree.


“I would like to add to my knowledge, because everything that I know is just from experience,” said this MBA in  Forensic Accounting student from Memphis, Tenn. ”And I want to be able to sit for my CPA exam.”

A single mother of two middle-schoolers, Erika credits her SNHU advisor for helping her reacclimate to academic work. Erika does her homework while her daughters do theirs, and tries to post to discussion boards every night after the girls go to bed.

Studying forensic accounting, a discipline in which accounting principles are applied to investigate allegations of financial abuse within businesses or organizations, will help her career regardless of its future direction, Ewen said. She anticipates completing her graduate program in 2015.

”There are a lot of instances where a background in forensic accounting is helpful,” she said. ”I’ve always had this dream of working for the FBI or something like that, so you never know.”

Academic and Career Advisors Reflect on the #SeeYourselfSucceed Journey

Throughout SNHU’s #SeeYourselfSucceed journey, students were brought together with advisors and faculty who impacted their SNHU journey. Part way through the journey, many of the SNHU advisors and faculty shared their perspectives on the trip. Today, we feature several members of the advising team and SNHUCareer team, who shared their experiences on the road.


Advisor April Griffin on meeting Jeremy LaRochelle in Las Vegas, Nev.:

I was unbelievably excited that I was able to be a part of this unique and inspiring journey. It has been an amazing to follow, and has clearly resulted in solid relationships between students and the university. It has been the opportunity of a lifetime for students, staff, and faculty alike.

It was amazing for me to be able to fly out to Las Vegas to meet my student, Jeremy. After hearing his story, it was overwhelming to learn that I was able to make such a positive impact on his education and educational goals by doing what I do every day. It was great to hear how Jeremy has been able to take concepts and ideas that he has learned in his courses and apply them to his position in the competitive entertainment industry. It is rare that I am able to meet face-to-face with my students, and I never thought it would be possible to meet someone who lives on the other side of the country. Jeremy is a wonderful student and advisee, and I am honored to have had the opportunity to meet him in person after building a relationship over phone and email. It is an experience I will never forget!
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