Favorite Tour Photos (so far)

We’ve been meeting students all across the country for the last five weeks, and we’ve been able to see some amazing places along the way. Here are some of our favorite photos so far.


The Gateway Arch in St. Louis


Discovery Park in Seattle, Washington


“Thunder Over Louisville” fireworks


Portland’s iconic sign


Sunset over Butte, Montana


Pit stop by Lake Coeur d’Alene


Sunset in Crescent City, California


A massive redwood tree in Stout Grove

SNHU to You: How to Meet Us on the Road

Hands down, the best part of being on the road is meeting up with students. We’ve had a handful of spontaneous meet ups and experienced an incredible event in Nashville on Saturday. We truly have the greatest students ever.

Now we’re in Week 2 of the See Yourself Succeed tour, and we’d love to meet you! We can’t see everyone, unfortunately, but we’ll visit with as many of you as our schedule allows. Here are some quick tips to keep up to date with the tour.

1. Visit succeed.snhu.edu/route-schedule/ We have the map of the tour and a list of cities and dates so you can see if we’re coming to or through your town.

2. Make sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram because that’s where we’ll be announcing opportunities for spontaneous meet ups.

3. Stay alert for our announcements and check our social channels frequently.

4. When you see us announce a meet up near you, respond to the tweet or Instagram post, and we’ll do our best to get in touch!

We’ll be in Clarksville, Tenn., tomorrow. Look forward to seeing more of you!

Insta-off: SNHU Photo Competition


Nearly everyone on the crew loves using Instagram, and as we make our way across the country visiting iconic places, an unspoken challenge is happening: who can take the coolest Instagram photo?

Virginia Beach is our first stop, and the Neptune statue immediately had all of us whipping out our phones. So, which one is your favorite? Vote for your favorite in the comments!


Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 10.01.14 AM


Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 9.54.48 AM


Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 9.57.40 AM


Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 9.54.18 AM


Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 10.00.44 AM

Suzanne Rapoza Diploma Delivery

Suzanne Rapoza recently earned her Master of Science Management in Healthcare Administration, but she couldn’t make it to graduation this May because of her daughter’s dance recital. So we took her academic advisor, Erin Davies, to Portsmouth, NH, and delivered Suzanne’s diploma.

Suzanne has worked at the Mark Wentworth Home since finishing her nursing degree 12 years ago. Her family, coworkers and the seniors she helps care for all turned out to celebrate her accomplishment.

Congratulations, Suzanne!

The Bus is Back!

Southern New Hampshire University is hitting the road for a cross-country journey to meet students and alumni to celebrate their success.

Across 27 states and 8,000 miles, our “See Yourself Succeed” campaign will have us meeting up with current students and alumni, personally delivering diplomas to online students who can’t attend graduation, and holding in-person events in Nashville, San Francisco and Seattle.

You can follow the journey – and see if we’re coming to your hometown – by connecting with us on our blog, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We’ll be sharing real-time updates, photos and videos from the road, and even holding spontaneous meetups.

Stay tuned!