Terry Levine Diploma Delivery

Two years ago, Terry saw a SNHU student receive his diploma as part of our first See Yourself Succeed Bus Tour. Inspired by it, he decided to enroll and finish the degree he started in 1979. Fittingly, we traveled to Lansdowne, PA to deliver Terry his diploma as part of our second See Yourself Succeed Bus Tour.

Congratulations, Terry! You earned it.

Pop-Up Student Union Event in Seattle


The idea behind our Pop-Up Student Union events was to combine online education with the quintessential college hang-out. Food and coffee, study rooms, counselors, academic resources, and friends. While our Pop-Up Student Unions in Nashville, San Francisco and, most recently, Seattle, proved to be beneficial social gatherings for our online community, they also allowed us the opportunity to celebrate our students and their successes.

We were able to talk to students, face-to-face, who were the first in their families to graduate college. Students who work full time, have families, physical limitations, and financial difficulties, who made sacrifices and an immense effort to gain an education.

These students, all of our students, deserve to be celebrated for their accomplishments. We hope that these Pop-Up Student Unions helped connect a local community of SNHU students, that through personal interaction, discussion, reflection, and, yes, food and coffee, we were able to thank them for their efforts.

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Russ Kettle: MBA in Music Business Student

Russ Kettle has been a successful musician for years. But when his band dissolved over business disagreements, he wanted to find a way to progress in the music business. His research led him to enroll in our MBA in Music Business program, a partnership between SNHU and Berklee Online that combines the best of music and business.

To learn more about the program, visit http://bit.ly/1cpICiF

Discover more of Russ and his band’s music:

Twitter @VinylSundayBand

Alumna Creates Portland Non Profit


We were lucky enough to connect with Kaoru Miyanaga during our student meet up in Portland, Ore. She graduated from SNHU (then New Hampshire College) in 1999, and she brought her diploma to prove it!

After graduating from SNHU as an international student, Kaoru moved to San Francisco where she did hospitality management for the Ritz-Carlton. She moved with her family to Portland a few years ago and created a non profit to improve US-Japanese Relations. She also started a women’s group to provide assistance for Japanese women immigrating to the United States.

Kaoru was accompanied by her two children, Emili and Tyler, who were excited to receive their own “Future SNHU Grad” shirts!

Portland was full of surprises, the best of which was meeting accomplished SNHU grads (and two future SNHU grads!). With a Pop-Up Student Union planned in Seattle, we’re bound to meet even more successful Penmen.

Pop-Up Student Union Event in San Francisco


After a hugely successful Student Union in Nashville, we had high hopes for San Francisco. Our students didn’t disappoint!

Like in Nashville, the event featured representatives from SNHU Career and SNHU Alumni, a panel discussion involving past and current students and faculty, and, of course, a photo booth and lots of SNHU swag!

Additionally, we presented diplomas to three deserving SNHU students who couldn’t make it to graduation in New Hampshire.  Mark Keyser, B.A. General Studies, Diana Heald, B.A. Game Design and Development, and Gabbi Hall, M.A. Communications all received their diploma’s from SNHU representatives (with the exception of Gabbi who’s 6th grade teacher traveled to San Francisco to present one of her favorite students her degree!).

These events provide us with an opportunity to connect with the SNHU Community, a chance for students, staff and faculty to debate and discuss the road to success. SNHU Career Advisor Simone Davis may have said it best when she told attending students, “You all motivate me.”

You all motivate us.

Gabbi Di Mark

Students in the Heart of Colorado


For Matthew Neely, the only thing better than receiving his Master of Arts in English and Creative Writing diploma, was receiving it surrounded by family, friends and coworkers- and to have it delivered by his advisor, Jen.

Though in communication for over a year, this was the first time Matt and Jen ever met in person. Immediately recognizing Jen’s voice, he was beyond grateful she came to Colorado congratulate him. 

After celebrating Matt (and enjoying a slice of celebratory cake!), we headed north to Denver. On our way, we stopped at America the Beautiful Park in Colorado Springs to meet current SNHU student, SFC Casey Kendall.


SFC Kendall saw we were driving close to where he is stationed in the Army and reached out in hopes of meeting us personally. Currently pursing a degree in Marketing, he is determined to make the trip to New Hampshire to walk with the graduating class of 2018!

Though both Matt and Casey are each at different points in their journey, each is determined to achieve their own definition of success.

For us, meeting them made our trip to Colorado beyond successful.

Up next: San Francisco.

Thunder Over Louisville

Fireworks over SNHU van

When we arrived in Louisville, we had every intention of rendezvousing with students and alumni at nearby Cherokee Park. Unfortunately, Louisville’s massive fireworks event, “Thunder over Louisville,” essentially trapped us in our hotel parking lot!

Luckily for us, local Jeff Lile knew how to navigate the Thunder traffic and came to us and the bus. Jeff just completed his Masters of Science in Marketing, something he and his wife Jackie are extremely proud of. Though Jeff and Jackie plan on coming to graduation, they couldn’t resist taking a picture with the bus in Louisville- and we’re so glad they did!


In the end, Thunder Over Louisville didn’t disappoint and proved a spectacular show. While we wish we could have seen more students, we’re grateful to have met Jeff- and with two weeks down and four to go, we have so many more students to meet!


Up next: Denver.


Student Meetups in St. Louis

Upon arriving in St. Louis, we decided to put a call out for area SNHU students to come meet us in their city.  We were lucky to meet three terrific students, all in different programs and all at different points in their journey.

Kira Cowan, a brand-new SNHU student, delighted in telling us about the English/Fiction Writing program she just began. We met Kira at the beautiful Kiener Plaza by St. Louis’ historic Old Courthouse- and she even had a few extra minutes to give us some lunch recommendations!

Photo Apr 16, 12 19 38 PM

Mike Matney retired from the Air Force 10 years ago and decided to pursue his B.A. in Graphic Design at SNHU. When asked why Graphic Design, Mike said, “I’ve been in transportation so long, I wanted to do something I wanted to do.” An enthusiastic photographer, Mike shared his favorite spots in the city to view the famous St. Louis Arch.

Photo Apr 16, 1 42 44 PM

Making our way south, we surprised Raul Aguayo at his work since he couldn’t make it downtown. Currently a Referral Specialist at the Wound and Treatment Center at St. Anthony’s Medical Center, Raul is getting close to finishing his B.S. in Healthcare Management. Raul proudly shared that he is the first in his family to pursue a college degree.

Photo Apr 16, 2 46 11 PM

We greatly enjoyed our time in St. Louis and are looking forward to meeting more incredible students in Louisville. If you’re in the area, reach out to us, we’d love to meet you and hear about your journey.