Krysta Mardon Diploma Delivery


After seeing one of our commercials and talking to an admissions counselor, Krysta Mardon enrolled in the Masters of Science in Marketing program. Her first class – Ethics and Legal Issues in Marketing – was a struggle, but her professor, Dr. Suzanne Brock, helped her understand the concepts and succeed in the course.

Dr. Brock said she quickly recognized Krysta’s potential and was impressed by her determination and work ethic. “You always remember your really good students, and Krysta was definitely one of them,” Dr. Brock said.

Much to Krysta’s surprise and delight, we brought Dr. Brock to Chicago to deliver Krysta’s diploma in person. The two shared hugs and a mid-delivery selfie!

The Professor/Student relationship is a valuable and beneficial relationship, and it was a lot of fun to bring these two together for the first time like this. Congratulations to Krysta for all your hard work and for earning your MS in Marketing!