Pop-Up Student Union Event in Seattle


The idea behind our Pop-Up Student Union events was to combine online education with the quintessential college hang-out. Food and coffee, study rooms, counselors, academic resources, and friends. While our Pop-Up Student Unions in Nashville, San Francisco and, most recently, Seattle, proved to be beneficial social gatherings for our online community, they also allowed us the opportunity to celebrate our students and their successes.

We were able to talk to students, face-to-face, who were the first in their families to graduate college. Students who work full time, have families, physical limitations, and financial difficulties, who made sacrifices and an immense effort to gain an education.

These students, all of our students, deserve to be celebrated for their accomplishments. We hope that these Pop-Up Student Unions helped connect a local community of SNHU students, that through personal interaction, discussion, reflection, and, yes, food and coffee, we were able to thank them for their efforts.

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