Thunder Over Louisville

Fireworks over SNHU van

When we arrived in Louisville, we had every intention of rendezvousing with students and alumni at nearby Cherokee Park. Unfortunately, Louisville’s massive fireworks event, “Thunder over Louisville,” essentially trapped us in our hotel parking lot!

Luckily for us, local Jeff Lile knew how to navigate the Thunder traffic and came to us and the bus. Jeff just completed his Masters of Science in Marketing, something he and his wife Jackie are extremely proud of. Though Jeff and Jackie plan on coming to graduation, they couldn’t resist taking a picture with the bus in Louisville- and we’re so glad they did!


In the end, Thunder Over Louisville didn’t disappoint and proved a spectacular show. While we wish we could have seen more students, we’re grateful to have met Jeff- and with two weeks down and four to go, we have so many more students to meet!


Up next: Denver.